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Our Profile

AYA Corporation, a company, working in the field of marketing and providing after sales services support of office equipment including installation, customer training, maintenance and supply of spare parts to its customers located all over the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 1997.

We are the sole distributors for Power Com, Ever Media Document Camera, ITC Sound Systems, Restmoment Conference System, BXB Language Laboratory System, Poly Com Video Audio Conference System, Smart Technologies, Intimus Data Shredders, & Ranger Security Mattel Detector,


UPS is basically a backup power supply source with a built in automatic voltage regulator, to supply power in case of an electrical power breakdown, and to protect the equipment to which it is connected from any surge or spike which can damage or destroy it. These units are usually connected to all sensitive electrical appliances mainly computers, faxes, radio equipment etc, as backup in case of power failure/fluctuations. Our units are the # One UPS of Taiwan and stand # second in world rating. To meet different power requirements the UPS are supplied in different capacities ranging from .5KVA to 200KVA.            

2. Restmoment Sound System, Video Audio Conferencing & Language Laboratory System.

Audio systems are now essential teaching aids throughout the academic and corporate world, As per our tradition we are the first to introduce the latest technology in sound amplification, the Restmoment Rostrum with its built in speakers and set of cordless microphones is one example.

3. Ever Media Document Camera.

This state of the art presentation tool would let you present any audiovisual object like figures, diagrams, OHP film, slide film etc that were not included in your presentation but are necessary for the viewer to understand the concept in depth.

4.  Intimus Data Shredders.

Data protection is not an extravagance, but a guarantee of the effective protection of personal and business interests. To cater for this vital security aspect of an individual or an organization, a range of state of the art shredders of German origin have been included in our inventory.

5.  SMART Board Interactive White Board.

Touch the screen to control your computer, Write in electronic ink, Save, print or e-mail notes, Highlight key information with easy to use tools.

6.  Ranger Security Gate Metal Detectors.

Security Gate Mattel Detector is essential Security equipment walk through gate scan a body & detect mettle. It contains Deferent detection zones. Advanced discrimination capabilities. Security level program factory presets. User programmable processor. Digital signal processing & diagnostics. Interference rejection circuitry. Adjustable zone sensitivity. Multi-tier password & user Authorization levels. Continuous wave technology. Harmless to pacemaker & pregnant women. Mixed alloys metal weapons.

7.  Poly Technologies.

Poly Technologies a subsidiary of China Poly Group Corporation is a defense manufacturing company with headquarters in Beijing, China. The company deals in military hardware from missiles to products like SMGs. The company was founded by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. We have supplied weapons and ammunition to Frontier Constabulary and Frontier Corps.

If you need additional information regarding the above-mentioned equipment, our sales executives are always available to provide detailed information.

We shall be grateful if an opportunity for a briefing of the said equipment were given to us.